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  The Mid-Autumn Festival is a very important Chinese festival。 It’s on the fifth of August。 We can hang lanterns in the house。 In the evening, we have a big dinner。 Look, there is lots of food on the table。 They are chicken, fish, crabs and so on。 They’re very delicious。 We can drink a glass of juice。 We stand beside the table and we say, “Cheers, cheers, happy Mid-Autumn Festival!” We make a wish to each other。 At night, the moon is usually round and bright。 It looks like a ball。 We can enjoy the moon。 Moon cakes are the special food for this festival。 We can eat moon cakes, too。 In the Mid-Autumn Festival, my parents and I are all very happy and excited。



  I think Mid-Autumn Day is an old traditional festival in China。 Everybody likes it because it's a family get-together。 You see it is called"Mid-Autumn Day", so it often es in September or October。 It is on the 15th of the 8th of the lunar month。 Now, let's say something about this interesting festival。

  Firstly, I'd like to say something about the moon。 I like it very much because I want to be an astronaut in the future。 That day the moon is round, big, just like a beautiful plate hanging on the blue cloth。 When I see the moon, I will remember the ancient myths——the godess Chang Er and her little rabbit are playing under the tree which Wu Gang grows。 I will also think about Armstrong's first moonwalk。 I will also miss the friends in Tai-wan island, in Macao and Chinese people who are abroad。 I know they are missing us very much, too。

  Secondly, I'11 say something about the tradition on Mid-Autumn Day。 Look!There's a big tree in a garden of a Chinese fami-ly。 All the family members are sitting around a big table under the tree in the open air。 They are eating the mooncakes and admiring the full moon in the sky。 That is a family reunion dinner。 The mooncakes and the moon represent the love from a family。 I think this is one of the most valuable things in the world。

  Thirdly,it is a very good opportunity to make three wishes on Mid-Autumn Day。 My wishes are: the first, I, an astronaut in the future, would like to go to the moon one day, and stay with the sky and stars; the second, I hope every person in the world will stay with family, share love from the family forever; the third, I hope everybody's dream will e true。

  That is the Mid-Autumn Day in my mind。 I will always re-member: East or West, home is best。


  首先,我想谈谈月亮问题。我非常喜欢它,因为我希望将来成为一名宇航员。那天月亮是圆的,大的,就像一块美丽的盘子挂在蓝色的布上。我看到月亮,我会记得古老的神话 - 长女和她的小兔子正在吴刚生长的树下玩耍。我也会想到阿姆斯特朗的第一次月球漫步。我也会想念台湾的朋友们岛上,澳门和国外的中国人。我知道他们也非常想念我们。


  第三,这是一个非常好的机会,在中秋节做出三个愿望。我的愿望是:第一,我,未来的宇航员,有一天想去月球,和天空和星星呆在一起; 第二,我希望世界上每个人都能和家人在一起,永远地与家人分享爱意; 第三,我希望每个人的梦想都是真的。



  Mid-Autumn Day,all the country is celebrating。 The streets are full of people, the loves are holding each other tightily。Everyone has his day。However,I am lonely。No one to hold,no one to kiss,no one to talk!

  I was walking around the street without purpose,seeing the lovers kissing,watching the fireworkes alone,walking backe room whist。

  Suddenly,i think i must be good to myself。So i decied to bue a present to myself。I know I will be good soon,and will find my Mr。Right。So tonight, a little teddy bear will sleep with me。And i know:i will have another teddy bear as a present that not bought from myself!





  The mid-autumn festival has all interesting history。 long ago in one of the dynasties of china there was a king who was very cruel to the people and did not manage the country well。 the people were so angry that some brave ones suggested killing the king。 so they wrote notes telling about the meeting place and time and put them into cakes。 on the 15th day of the 8th luna027art。/r month every person was told to buy the cakes。 when they ate them they discovered the notes。 so they gathered together to make a sudden attack on the king。 from then on the chinese people celebrate on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month and eat "moon cakes" in memory of that important event。

  When the mid-autumn festival is near, shop windows are beautifully decorated。 many "moon cakes" are displayed for people to buy。 people send presents such aswine, fruits and "moon cakes" to their friends and relatives。 in the evening of the day, they have a feast。 after the feast, they go out to the garden to look at the moon。 the children run and laugh on the streets。

  It is believed that the moon is at her brightest on this night。 many poems have been written about it, and poets are never tired of reading and writing such poems。 in chinese literature, the moon of the mid autumn festival has been pared to a looking-glass, a jade rabbit, and so on。 it seems that chinese literature takes far more interest in the moon than in the sun。





  Mid-autumn Day is a Chinese festival。 It usually es in September or October 。On that day we usually eat a big dinner and mooncakes。 It is said "Hou Yi" missed his wife,so he made mooncakes。 It looks like the moon。

  There are many kinds of mooncakes。 They are small round cakes with meat, nuts or something sweet inside 。 eating mooncakes has been our custom。 Families stay outside in the open air eat a big dinner and mooncakes。 The most important thing is looking at the moon, On that day, the moon kooks brighter and rounder。 We call this moon the full moon。

  On that day, families get together, so we call this day getting together。 This is Mid-autumn Day。 I love it very much。 Because on that day I can eat mooncakes。 And my brother es back home。 He works outside all year。 Only that day and the Spring Festival。 He es back。 So that day I am especially happy。 On that day my family gets together。




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